Cost of Hunting Bans Versus Sustainable Wildlife Use

Remember how people all over the world cried and shouted for Cecil the Lion?

What have they done for the people of Africa?

At the Breakfast Press Round Table organized in Brussels during the 63rd General Assembly of the International Council for Game and Wildlife Conservation, representatives from the ministries of environment and departments of wildlife of several African nations wondered that so many people would show such an outpouring of concern for a lion they had never heard of before and yet show such lack of care for the African people who must live with lions.

Zimbabwe's Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Environment, Water & Climate, P. Mupazviriho had this to say: "When we speak of sustainable utilization, we must think about what that means for us and for the animals in order to understand more clearly what hunting bans would mean. We have observed those who agitated so much for Cecil the lion, but we have not seen any of those people put any resources into the communities that must live with these animals. Other than noise, they have offered no alternatives to the income hunting generates for conservation and for our communities.

"Those who say, 'Ban hunting' are not the people who must live with these animals. And it is these same animals that we all want to protect that will be adversely affected by hunting bans."