NAMIBIA: WARNING Leopard Hunting


From the Namibia Professional Hunting Association News-Desk (2016/04/08)

Just wanted to share this with everyone, if you've booked a Leopard hunt in Namibia this year, you should contact your outfitter if he or she sold you a discounted so-called Leopard "management / non-exportable / problem animal" hunt.

No Leopard can be legally hunted without a MET Leopard tag in Namibia which then qualifies the hunter to legally export the trophy from Namibia.

Kindly insist to see the paperwork/tag before you book a Leopard hunt, failing to hunt on a legal Leopard permit with a tag is illegal in terms of the Nature Conservation Ordinance and any person who is found to offer such hunts is not only in breach of the NAPHA Code of Conduct, he or she is also in breach of the Law and could be subject to prosecution.

Please conduct all hunting responsibly and in the best interest of long term hunting.