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After the wonderful rain we had in January these beautiful plants with their striking pink flowers are in abundance, I thought you might want to know a little about them:

Bushman Poison Plant

Bushman’s Poison (Adenium boehmianum). It is the root that yields the poison often used by the Bushman tribe of Namibia when preparing their poison. The milky latex from the root was heated over a fire until it became viscous and then applied to an arrow head. No antidote is known to save either animal or man when the poison enters the bloodstream, however the meat is safe to eat once the area around the wound has been cut clean.

A well placed arrow will take down a small antelope within 24 hours, while a larger game animal can take up to 3 days to succumb.

Also known as the Star of the Kaokoveld and Boesmangif in Afrikaans.

Bushman Poison Flower

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