Air Namibia Charging to transport hunting equipment

#Vieranas #NamibiaHunt

If you are flying with Air Namibia for a safari be aware that the airline is charging additional fees for your firearms as checked baggage. Although the fee went into effect May 1, 2013, hunters are being caught unawares at check-in, so we are sending out this warning for those uninformed by the airline or their travel agent.

The cost for international flights operated by Air Namibia is Euro 80,00 for a rifle (+case), including 5kg ammunition. The same fees will apply to other sporting equipment, such as archery hunting gear, golf gear etc.

Air Namibia do not accept Euro’s at the Windhoek check-in, only Namibian Dollars. Please make sure you have the N$ cash in hand as the foreign exchange bureau at Hosea Kutako Airport, Windhoek is not open 24/7.

You can pay for your Hunting Equipment when you book your flight ticket. Please ask your travel agent about this option. It can prevent a lot of hassle at Frankfurt Airport and Hosea Kutako Airport, Namibia