On Thursday October 3rd, 2013 the brand new Air Namibia Airbus A330-200, the 1st of two Airbuses arrived at the Hosea Kutako International Airport.

Not only do these new Airbuses, the second is expected to arrive in November, offer more Luxury than the old A340 Airbuses, but they are also more cost effective.

The old planes used about 80tons of fuel for a trip to Frankfurt while this new Airbus uses 65tons. Also, the new Airbuses only have two engines which make for a more silent (less noise pollution) and ‘greener’ (less carbon emissions) Plane. There will be 30 business class seats and 214 seats in economy class.

This is a major positive step forward for Air Namibia. Improved service delivery is guaranteed with the purchase of these brand new and more efficient planes.