HUNTERS - Do not fly Comair South Africa and Namibia

Adventure Hunting Safaris in Namibia 

NOTE: Comair also operate to Namibia when you book with British Airways, DO NOT FLY with Comair this rule applies to flights in South Africa and to Namibia.

Safari Club International members and all international hunters are advised to avoid Comair Limited, an airline operating in South Africa. Comair Limited will no longer accept firearms, including sporting firearms.

This blatantly anti-hunting policy will affect flights on both its British Airways and Kulula flights effective 01 March 2013. 

This policy only applies to Kulula and British Airways operated by Comair Limited. However the policy does not include British Airways’ international flights.

All members of Safari Club International should boycott ALL Comair Limited flights, and including its subsidiaries.

With many of the flight routes owned by these airlines existing in popular hunting destinations such as South Africa, hunters must take their business to other airlines that cater to the international conservationist. 
If you would like to send a letter about Comair’s refusal to allow sporting firearms as checked baggage, call the corporate offices of each of these airlines to make your voice heard.  

The contact information is below:
Kulula: +27 11 921 0500:

British Airways Operated by Comair Limited: +27 11 441 8600;