Fellow Hunter in Dire Need


We are sending out this Special ENews on behalf of Tim Herald who hunted with VIERANAS SAFARIS in 2008.

It would be greatly appreciated if you can assist a fellow hunter in dire need.

Many of you know about the horrific accident in Africa in August with Team Magnum's Tim Herald and PH Stu Taylor. If you don't, the first hand report is at the bottom of this message.

There has been a lot of problems with getting donations to Stu. Doing banking and getting the money safely to him in Zim has been a real mess. The latest I have heard is that Paypal may actually be refunding past donations. This has been a further nightmare.

Stu’s insurance is denying coverage and basically trying to get out of paying all they can. Two policies have said they will not pay as he was out of his home country of Zim, so the need is huge. He has already had 4 surgeries, and it is very likely he may need at least 4 more. We hope the below is the final answer to the donation problem.

Thanks so much to John Jackson and Conservation Force.

You can donate as a tax deduction to Stu Taylor on Conservation Force's web site at

OR by postal mailing to:
Conservation Force, 3240 S. I-10 Service Rd. W., Suite 200, Metairie, LA 70001.

You need to designate the purpose STUART TAYLOR and Conservation Force will mail you an acknowledgement for income tax deduction purposes. It is as simple as that.

Each and every donation, no matter how large or small, is greatly appreciated.
Please band together and let’s unite as hunters to support one of our own who is very much in need at this time.

From August 5... It is with great regret that I make this report, but I wanted to get this out firsthand and quickly before a rumor mill begins. On August 4th, PH Stu Taylor, his 2 trackers, my cameraman and I were buffalo hunting in Niassa Reserve. We bumped a loan bull twice in the morning, and by 8:00ish AM we decided to leave him for the afternoon hunt. We began again at 3:30PM, and by 4:30, the buff had us moving very slowly through some very nasty and thick jesse. Fifteen minutes later we were in a spot with 10 yard visibility at the farthest, and the bull crashed out. I assumed he was going away, but then everyone in front of me parted, and I could see the black mass coming straight at us. I tried to walk backwards as I was bringing up my .458, but after a couple steps, I tripped and fell backwards. As I fell, I hit the trigger and my gun discharged.

Simultaneously, Stu had fired at the buff from the hip and hit and turned him. He definitely saved someone’s life. At that point Stu began yelling. I rushed toward him, and then realized that my errant bullet had hit Stu in the back, and come out his shoulder. We applied pressure as much we could to subside bleeding, and began the 1KM plus walk out toward the road. Fortunately one of our group of hunters is a military special forces surgeon, and he was there by the time we got to the truck and was able to dress the wound, pack it and get an Israeli bandage on. We got him to camp, the wound was redressed, and we stabilized Stu as we organized evacuation. The pilot trying to take off in Pemba was arrested for attempting to fly out in the dark, and we were told it would be the next morning before we could get Stu out. We had some pain medication, and Stu was even able to eat a small bit of dinner.

As I write this, we just got Stu on a plane out to Pemba where a MARS jet is waiting to take him to Johannesburg where he can get quality medical attention. Our doctor here feels that besides a broken clavicle, Stu’s injuries are light tissue wound, but it was still a .458 that went through him. The bullet passed through without breaking anything in the shoulder, he can work his left hand fine, and besides the pain from broken clavicle, he could raise his arm. We are so very thankful that it was a solid. Stu is one of the toughest individuals I have ever seen, as he was a calm trooper through it all. He is in good spirits, says that this will no way stop him from hunting, and he was giving a thumbs up when we closed the plane door on his departure. I want to start a Stuart Taylor Relief Fund as soon as possible, but I do not quite know how to go about it at this point, as I will not be home for a week.

Please pray for Stu and his family. This is a very serious situation. Please keep Stu in prayers. I know for a fact that that prayers will and do help as much as anything.

Thanks, Tim Herald

Phone: 859-608-9331 - tim@timherald.com - www.timherald.com