Cool Flex Arrow Insert Adhesion

PRO STAFF: Roger Coomber reports on Bohning Cool Flex:

The latest addition to the Bohning insert adhesion line is a soft melt with a low melt temperature. It was specially formulated for carbon arrows. Easy to apply and even easier to adjust or remove. One stick of COOL FLEX will do approximately 144 inserts.

To apply, heat your insert for between 8 – 10 seconds over a heat source, an alcohol flame is recommended. Hold the insert with a pair of pliers turning it to get an even heating, roll the insert on the COOL FLEX stick until the insert is covered with a thin film, insert into the arrow shaft with a clockwise twisting movement to ensure an even distribution between the insert and the shaft and wipe off any excess with an old cloth. The COOL FLEX hardens within 10 seconds and the arrow is ready for use.

To remove or adjust an insert just run hot tap water over your arrow allowing the heat to loosen the COOL FLEX, turn anti clockwise and remove the insert.

After using COOL FLEX, I was shooting my arrow within 5 minutes instead of the next day as you normally would with other adhesives. As a test, I left one of my arrows outside for over 30 minutes, to establish if the heat and direct sun would affect the COOL FLEX adhesion and found the insert still secure. It’s must for any Bowhunter.

Roger's comment: It’s no mess, quick and easy to use, Cool Stuff.