Blazer® Shrink Fletch

PRO STAFF: Roger Coomber - Bohning Archery Products

Blazer® Shrink Fletch will fit any arrow shaft from 17/64 to 24/64. For best results heat water to 70 degrees Celsius (175 F) and submerge the tube completely for about 10 seconds.

If a thermometer is not available, bring water to the boil. Remove the heat source and let it stand 10-15 minutes before dipping. For complete adhesion, be certain that the entire Blazer Shrink Fletch is submerged. This will shrink the tubing to the arrow shaft. Use a smooth in and out motion. Shrink Fletch can be used to repair old arrows or fletch new ones at home or in the field.

Simple and Effective!

1. Dip it in...

2. Pull it out....

3. Shake it off and SHOOT..!

Keep the Shrink Fletch firmly on the shaft without moving about before dipping and when placed into the water you see it shrink. As easy as 1, 2, 3 and the arrow is ready for use.

A great idea for an emergency or every day use. One pack of Shrink Fletch will fletch six arrows.