African Wildlife Conservation Project

During the 2012 trophy hunting season VIERANAS SAFARIS will gather DNA samples and health information from all harvested game in support of the African Wildlife Conservation project which will provide for conscientious stewardship of African game species, creating healthy populations and sustainable trophy hunting.

What is Conservation Genomics?
Conservation genomics is a relatively new field of study that uses biotechnology for the conservation and restoration of biodiversity. Within species, the level of genetic diversity is directly proportional to a species’ ability to adapt, survive and thrive.

To date, one of the most detailed conservation genomics studies of any wildlife species focused on American bison. This species experienced a well documented population decline between the years 1800 and 1900 that reduced its numbers by over 99%! The spectacular recovery to over 700,000 animals present today is a testament to their genetic constitution and is recognized as one of the most significant accomplishments in modern conservation biology.

Dr. James Derr & Jerad Dabney
Department of Veterinary Pathobiology
College of Veterinary Medicine & Biomedical Sciences
Texas A&M University
Genomics, Genetics and Health

SCI Foundation
Dallas Safari Club
NAPHA – Namibia Professional Hunting Association
PHASA – Professional Hunters Association of South Africa
TPHA – Tanzania Professional Hunters’ AssociationAPHA – Africa Professional Hunters’ Association
ZPHA – Zimbabwe Professional Hunters’ Association

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