WARNING: Remington Model 700 Rifles

We would like to thank Mims from Hunters Headquaters for the following heads up...

Last night CNBC did a one hour documentary called Remington Under Fire. This documentary about the Remington Model 700 rifle and its safety was a 10 month investigation going back to Remington documents dating 1945. There were interviews with numerous people accidently shot with the Model 700 and with the now 90+ yr. old designer of the rifle who realized quickly that design flaw of the safety. The designer has been after Remington for years to change the safety. Remington says there is nothing wrong with the design but there is much proof that there is and there are six lawsuits ongoing at this time. Many suits have been settled with payouts by Remington and non disclosures signed.

Now from a personal standpoint. I have owned a Remington Model 721 (the model before the 700) in cal. 30/06 for some 50 yrs. and have fired well over 1,000 rounds from this rifle. I have owned and messed with guns since age 5 and am now age 72. I can account for at least 5 accidental discharges of firearms in my hands and one was with this Model 721 Remington. I closed the bolt on a loaded chamber and the gun went off without my finger being near the trigger. The gun was pointed downrange on a shooting bench at a gun range. Nobody was downrange and the bullet went into the backstop as it was supposed to do. I got a sore wrist from the recoil. This is the only AD from this rifle since I have owned it and I bought it used.

My son has a Model 600 Remington in 222 Rem. which I gave him new when he was age 10. We have changed the trigger in it years ago as Remington said there was a problem with those triggers years ago.

My warning here is: IF YOU OWN A REMINGTON MODEL 700 BOLT ACTION RIFLEbe aware the safety is not safe and that the gun will /can go off with safety on or off or while closing the bolt on the rifle. The fault is in the trigger connect. No matter what year you purchased this rifle it has a faulty trigger.





In my personal opinion you should not trust any factory trigger in the Remington Model 700 bolt action rifle and the same for the Remington Model 600 bolt action rifle.

There are aftermarket triggers that are safe and should be installed.

If your gunsmith is not aware of this then please speak with a tech at Brownnells in Iowa at 800 741 0015.

Stay safe and good shooting!

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Brandon said…
May want to take a minute to see Remington's response, instead of assuming CNBC's reporting is either accurate or unbiased.
Thank you Brandon, I will post Remington's response.