AIR NAMIBIA: Flight Delay September 14, 2010 - FRA-WDH

AIR NAMIBIA announce the delay of flight SW286 from Frankfurt FRA to Windhoek WDH

1. As per EU Resolution 261, Air Namibia announces the delay of flight SW286 on September 14, 2010. On 14 September 2010, Air Namibia will reschedule above mentioned flight for technical reasons. All passengers will be automatically rebooked on the evening flight SW9286 on 15 September 2010. There will be no rerouting to other airlines.

2. Passengers wishing to travel a day early can contact SW or respective travel agents to do involuntary rebooking using below authority:


3. Passengers unable to travel a day later or earlier on SW can follow below procedures:

Refund procedures:

  • Apply for a full refund on your net/published fare level and quote the following reference number: AUTHSW10M72608
  • Full refunds for unused tickets will be granted regardless of terms and conditions of the fare (even for non-refundable tickets).
  • Please note: all refunds must be processed within 7 days from receipt of request for the refund by the passenger.

Please note that Air Namibia will not provide any accommodation or transport!