The New BRT Tactical Recticle, designed for short to medium range tactical style calibers.

Cranston, Rhode Island - SWAROVSKI OPTIK NORTH AMERICA LTD, an Austrian based company, announces the BRT Tactical reticle for short to medium range tactical shooting.

The BRT Tactical reticle is available in the Z6(i) 1-6x24 riflescope (illuminated and non-illuminated). Its true 1X magnification, illuminated dot and long range reticle combine to make an ideal scope for tactical applications.

The 1X magnification allows the shooter to keep both eyes open for faster target acquisition during close range shooting. The ends of the marker bars are designed for wind compensation up to 20 mph and the marker bars and dots provide precise long range capability.

The Z6(i) 1-6x24 is available with a newly designed throw lever for fast power adjustment in the field.

SWAROVSKI OPTIK will provide decals for typical AR platform rifle calibers in 16” and 20” barrel length.

If the load you are using is not on the supplied decals, please visit the BRT Ballistic Calculator which can be can be found at WWW.SWAROVSKIOPTIK.COM. Using the SWAROVSKI OPTIK BRT online Ballistic Calculator is the most efficient way to determine the down range values of the BRT.

Tom Hogan, of SWAROVSKI OPTIK says, “The BRT has been designed with the tactical shooter’s needs in mind. The easy to use and very precise reticle combined with our Z6(i) 1-6x24 takes all the best features of the scopes on the market today and combines them into one perfect scope. With the increased interest in tactical shooting lately we are very excited to bring this new reticle to the market”.

Check out the new BRT at http://www.swarovskioptik.us/en_us/products/57