ZIMBABWE Now Requires Currency Declarations

If you are on your way to Zimbabwe this safari season, be aware of a new requirement to declare the amount of currency you are bringing into that country. When you arrive, in addition to your weapons paperwork you will need to fill out a Currency Declaration Form, which you will need to show a copy of upon departing the country.

According to Sally Bown of SOAZ (Zimbabwe Operators Association of Zimbabwe), the reason behind this new requirement is that authorities believe safari operators are smuggling currency out of the country through their clients. This is their attempt to monitor how much cash is entering and leaving the country. While Bown says this is an erroneous assumption on the government's part, "arguing with authorities is a dead-end." She says hunters should not have any problems but warns not to lose your copy of the declaration form before leaving the country, presumably with less cash than you arrived with.

Courtesy of "The Hunting Report"