NAMIBIA: 2010 Leopard Permits Allocated

Namibia's Ministry of Environment (MET) has allocated a total of 89 leopard hunting permits to be issued this season, according to information The Hunting Report received from the Namibia Professional Hunting Association. A list of operators receiving permits had not been released yet, but we hope to have a list soon. In the meantime, the breakdown in what areas are getting permits is as follows: six tags for State Concessions for hunts from 2009; six tags for State Concessions for 2010; 43 tags for Communal Conservancies for 2010; and 34 tags for freehold areas. Other leopard export tags are being issued for trophy leopard hunts rolled over from 2008 and 2009.

You will recall that Namibia had to implement a moratorium on leopard export permits early last year after MET, for the first time ever, issued its entire export quota. This occurred due to the increased number of hunters going to Namibia in pursuit of leopard and because of the efficiency and number of leopard hunts conducted with dogs. Not anticipating such a high success rate, MET had issued 200-plus trophy hunting permits over the quota for the 2009 season. Those hunts were allowed to take place after the moratorium with the promise that successful hunts would be rolled over into the 2010 export quota. As we reported in the May issue of The Hunting Report, the use of dogs has been banned now and a new permit system implemented to issue trophy leopard hunting licenses. You can read the new regulations for yourself under New Regulations Issued for Predator Hunting in Namibia in the Website Uploads section of our website.

If you have booked a leopard hunt in Namibia for 2010, contact your operator and ask to see a copy of his allocation and your leopard hunting license. The license must be issued in your name. If your operator cannot produce such paperwork, you will not be able to hunt leopard in Namibia legally, and American hunters importing such a trophy to the United States would be in violation of the Lacey Act and guilty of a felony. A word to the wise should be sufficient.

Courtesy of "The Hunting Report" - editor: Barbara Crown


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