NAMIBIA: Oshakati Floodwater Recedes

FLOODWATER in low-lying informal settlements at Oshakati is subsiding and the situation will soon return to normal, a spokesperson for the Oshakati Town Council says.

A total of 1 142 people from the Oneshila, Oshoopala, Evululuko, Okandjegedi and Eemwandi settlements had to be relocated.

Council spokesperson Anna Ingwafa says the relocated people were given shelter in tents at the Oshoopala and Ekuku reception centres.

Barring any further heavy rain, the situation should normalise now, added Oshana Governor Clemens Kashuupulwa.

Oshakati suffered heavy flood damage in the 2008 and 2009 rainy seasons.

Some informal sections of Oshakati are built in oshanas which fill up with water in the rainy season.

Last year, two University of Namibia academics said proper urban planning and surveying should be done to prevent future flooding in north-central Namibia.

They said a law prohibiting people from building in oshanas was also needed, as this blocked the natural flow of water in the Cuvelai drainage system by Absalom Shigwedha from THE NAMIBIAN - 13 April 2010