NAMIBIA: Mysterious Black Mussel Carnage

MILLIONS of black mussels and big 'snail' mussels lay dead and rotting over a 2,8km stretch of beach just north of the Erongo Desalination Company's intake facility north of Wlotzkasbaken.

Fisheries officials and Wlotzkabaken residents are now scratching their heads for an explanation.
According to Wlotzkabaken residents, who have been living there for 50 years, they had never seen anything like it.

Marine biologists went to the area last Friday and took photos of the carnage, as well as take water samples and some of the mussels to figure out what the cause was.

There have been pockets of red tide along the coastline for the past two months, which could cause such deaths, but residents are concerned that it maybe has something to do with the desalination process.

More light could be shed on the matter some time later this week.

THE NAMIBIAN - Adam Hartman - 13 April 2010