NAMIBIA; Cheetah survived Angola war

THE Executive Director of the Cheetah Conservation Fund (CCF), Dr Laurie Marker, recently confirmed the existence of cheetahs in Angola after 30 years of civil war.

Cheetahs were sighted during a three-day survey conducted in the Iona National Park in the Namibe Province.

The 1,6 million hectare park is located in south-western Angola, bordering Namibia.

According to the CCF, this arid area was one of the former ranges of the cheetah, but the status of the cheetah population in Angola had been unknown due to its protracted civil war.

The survey was carried out at the urging of Alvaro Baptista, owner of the Omauaha Lodge near the Iona National Park, who visited Marker in Namibia in 2006.

Baptista informed Marker of cheetah sightings in the area and encouraged the undertaking of an extensive survey to confirm their presence and to help develop a conservation plan for their long-term protection and survival.

Marker's visit was endorsed by the Kissama Foundation, which has been supporting the development of the national parks in Angola since peace returned to the country in 2002.

As a result of meetings held in Luanda, Marker plans to collaborate with Kissama, universities and relevant government officials to develop a cheetah census and conservation programme for Angola using the CCF's proven methods.

THE NAMIBIAN - Absalom Shigwedha - 8 April 2010 (

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