SAA New Firearm Transport Regulations

If you are flying South African Airways on safari to Africa, be aware that the airline is reinforcing strict directives on the transport of sporting weapons and ammunition, including a crack down on the number of firearms per case per passenger. If you previously have traveled on SAA with more than two firearms in your gun case, be aware that you will only be able to take two now.

Problems with a number of hunters traveling on SAA with improperly packed or undeclared firearms and ammo have apparently caused the airline to issue a directive on the restrictions and requirements for firearm and ammo transportation. In order to avoid any trouble with firearms and luggage, traveling hunters should closely follow these protocols as issued by the airline:
All sporting weapons must be packed and transported in a lockable hard firearm case. Do not pack your firearm in your regular checked bag.

All firearms must be declared at the time of check-in and must be handled via the designated firearm handling process.
While not a requirement, it's advisable to have your travel agent note in the remarks section of your booking that you are carrying sporting weapons and ammunition.

No more than two rifles per case, per passenger, keeping in mind the firearms must be of a different caliber. The limitation on the number of calibers is a South African law related to temporary firearm imports.
Ammunition must be packed in a lockable box with a key or box with TSA approved combination lock and placed in your checked luggage. Do not pack your ammo with your firearm.

A maximum of 5kgs (11lbs) is allowed per firearm carrying passenger.Even if you don't fly to Africa with SAA, keep these requirements in mind if you will be flying on SAA or its code share partners within Southern Africa. We are indebted to Anne Gaines Burrell of Hunters Support for passing on this information and a warning that hunters who do not follow these protocols are finding themselves in a nightmare situation upon arrival in South Africa.

VIERANAS SAFARIS would like to thank "The Hunting Report" for this update