VIERANAS SAFARIS don’t offer you the world in one country we offer you the awe aspiring arid and harsh beauty of Namibia.

There is a fine line between being able to offer the hunter a wide variety of hunting opportunities and losing that special, personal experience what hunting Africa is all about

I take pride in the natural, unspoiled beauty of my country, Namibia and promote the hunting of Namibia’s indigenous species, adapted to their natural surroundings, isn’t that the reason you the hunter travel thousands of miles to experience the uniqueness and special characteristics of these African species.

I believe in hunting hard, utilising every second and getting results, while ensuring that you the hunter also gets as much enjoyment as possible out of the safari.

Escape and let the flicker of your soul turn into a flame. This unique experience is to be found only in Africa's harshest paradise, Namibia a land of unparalleled beauty.

Come hunt Namibia with us.
Roger & Amelia