NAPHA Annual General Meeting 2009

The Namibia Professional Hunting Association (NAPHA) this week held its annual congress at the Heja Lodge outside Windhoek. The Minister of Environment and Tourism, Minister Nandi-Ndaitwah officially opened the congress.
In her speech she said that Namibia currently is a preference country for trophy hunting due to the political stability in Namibia and also the hospitality of the Namibians. According to her the trophy hunting industry had an annual growth of 12% per annum for the past few years contrary to the the calculated national growing rate of 7% which the country needs to reach Vision 2030. She especially was full of praise for the ethical hunting values which are propagated by NAPHA, especially against the background of the current debate of leopard- and cheetah hunting which is campaigned in the media currently.

The Minister also praised NAPHA for especially its educational program. This program is mainly financed by members who sell medals to professional hunters and use the proceeds for this program.

The president of NAPHA, Mr Diethelm Metzger shed more light on NAPHA’s viewpoint with regard to his proposal to place a moratorium on the hunt of leopards and cheetahs until the Ministry of Environment have issued regulations in this regard.

In the meantime NAPHA has established a Predator Hunting Committee which compiled a detailed document about hunting of predators with certain recommendations and submitted it to the Ministry for scrutiny. According to Mr Metzger substantial changes will most probably take place in future with regard to cheetah hunting.