NAMIBIA: Father and Son Bowhunt

Scott and Chris from Watkins Minnesota returned to hunt with Vieranas Safaris again at the end of August 2009, here are some of their excellent trophies taken with bow and arrow in Namibia during their 14 day hunt.

VIERANAS SAFARIS - main hunt camp "The Waterhole"

Scott's shot this mature Blue Wildebeest Bull

Chris shot a Blesbuck Ram

Chris and his Black-backed Jackal

Scott with his Black-baked Jackal

Chris with a beautifull trophy Red Hartebeest Bull

Scott shot this excellent Letchwe Ram

Chris and his Warthog Boar

Chris - Black Wildebeest Bull

Chris - Gemsbok / Oryx

Scott - Gemsbok / Oryx

Scott - Hartmann's Mountain Zebra

Chris - Hartmann's Mounatin Zebra

Congratulations guys, keep those arrows flying straight!