Why Do Zebras Have Stripes?

The general believe is that Zebras are actually dark with white stripes, the pigmentation found only in the animals’ hair and not the skin, is inhibited.

So the question "Why do Zebra have stripes?" Scientists believe through evolution that the Equidae are striped because of the following:

- The stripes serve as camouflage; colour blind animals for example lions can confuse Zebras with tall grass in the savannah, especially at dusk when they are in herds

- Biting insects like the tsetse fly favour single-coloured animals; tsetse flies are carriers of sleeping sickness. Horses and donkeys suffer far more than Zebra from sleeping sickness.

- The stripes act as a cooling system through convection; the black stripes can be up to 10 °C hotter than the white stripes, causing air circulation and cooling the Zebra down

No two Zebra have the same stripe pattern; they use this to identify each other. A Zebra foal will recognize his mother on her stripe pattern and vice versa.

Burchell's Plains Zebra are recognized by the shadow stripe between the black stripes. Trophy was hunted with Bow and arrow with Vieranas Safaris.

Hartmann's Zebra have pure black and white stripes with a noticeable dew lap.
The Mountain Zebra is naturally occurring in the main Bow and Rifle hunt areas of Vieranas Safaris.