SOUTH AFRICA: International Drivers License now requred for rental vehicles

Please be advised that an international drivers license is now required in order to drive a rental car in South Africa.

The following extract from the Automobile Association of South Africa's website:

Please be advised that the South African Traffic Department are now enforcing a law which was passed in 1998 that travelers to South Africa wishing to rent a motor vehicle whilst in this country must be in possession of a valid "International Drivers Permit/License". Should travelers neglect to obtain this document before leaving their country of residence, they will not be permitted to hire a vehicle in South Africa.

International Drivers Licenses can be obtained from your nearest AAA office. Take along your valid U.S. driver's license, U$15 and two passport size photos

You may also wish to obtain your International Driving License application in advance. NOTE: International Drivers License may not be issued more than six (6) months in advance of the desired effective date.

Simply print out the application and complete all with all the information requested and bring it with your nearest AAA office.

For more information visit the website of the Automobile Association of South Africa