NAMIBIA: Villagers Demand Action on Elephants

DESTROYED mahangu fields left in the wake of stray elephants from Etoshahave Onanke villagers, in Oshikoto, blaming Government for their losses.

They accuse the Ministry of Environment and Tourism of not maintaining thegame fence between Omuntele Constituency, in which Onanke is situated, andthe Etosha National Park, and are demanding that Government compensate themfor lost harvests.

According to residents, 26 mahangu fields have been destroyed by elephantsover the last few months.

In a petition to Government at the end of May, Onanke headman Nikanor Paulusurged the Government to repair the fence around Etosha, that NatureConservation officials be stationed in the area to deal with the elephants,and that villagers be compensated for crop and infrastructure damage causedby the marauding elephants.

Villagers also want a trench to be dug along the Etosha game fence to makeit harder for elephants to cross into their area. Oswald Shivute - The Namibian