NAMIBIA - Leopard Trophy Hunting Closed

Moratorium for leopard trophy hunting permits for 2009

No more new Trophy Hunting permit applications for hunting Leopard will be approved by the Namibian Ministry of Environment and Tourism for the 2009 hunt season as of June 15, 2009.

The 2009 CITES export quota for Leopard of 250 Trophy animals is now exhausted, to prevent export back-logs the Windhoek permit office will not issue anymore permits for the duration of the current hunting season ending November 2009.

If you are booked for either a baited or hound Leopard hunt in Namibia, contact your hunting outfitter as soon as possible to make arrangements. By law all hunting outfitters have to have a legal Trophy Hunting permit in hand before the hunt commences, you the client and hunter have the right to inspect your Trophy Hunting permit before the start of your hunt.

Namibian Hunting Law clearly stipulate that Leopard can only be hunted with the Rifle and all hunting with bow and arrow is stricly illegal.