Court Ruling On South African Lion Hunting

VIERANAS SAFARIS is totally opposed against all Canned Lion hunting and strongly support Fair Chase hunting.

This report by "The Hunting Report" on a recent Court Ruling in South Africa regarding the hunting of Lion - Barbara Crown, Editor.

Anyone who has booked a lion hunt in South Africa, or is considering a lion hunt there, should be aware that big changes are likely on the way in how these hunts are conducted in the future. That's because the Free State High Court in Bloemfontein, South Africa, has ruled that captive-bred lions must be allowed to roam freely for two years before being hunted.

You'll recall that the South African Predator Breeders Association had taken the South African government to court when the new wildlife regulations that were passed in 2007 required the two-year release of lions bred for hunting. The association argued the requirement is so financially burdensome that it would destroy the captive-bred lion hunting industry. The requirement for the two-year release, and the applicability of other regulations on lion, was suspended pending the outcome of the case.

Now that a judge has ruled on the issue, the required two-year release period is bound to cause some cancellations and shuffling of safari dates. At this writing, it was unknown when the regulations would take effect, but I'm told the change is not likely to occur very soon, as the regulations currently in force need to be legally amended to include lion. I should have more details for a complete report in the July issue of The Hunting Report.

As for the future of lion hunting in South Africa, a flurry of newspaper articles and online forum postings rang the death knell for lion breeders and lion hunting. Reports claimed that breeders would be euthanizing 3,000 captive-bred lions and up to 5,000 people would be out of work. But my sources tell me that lion hunting in South Africa is likely to survive, albeit on a smaller scale and with operators who have already taken steps to bring their lion hunts in line with the regulations initially passed two years ago. See my July report for all the developments.
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