An announcement made in Maputo, Mozambique on Tuesday May 26, 2009 confirmed an agreement between the Tourism authorities of three Southern African countries: Zimbabwe, Mozambique and Zambia on a joint venture to be known as ZIMOZA a cross-border conservation area between the three countries.

Afonso Madope from the Cross-border Conservation Areas Unit in the Mozambican Tourism Ministry was quoted as saying: "Our proposal is that the agreement be formalized in a period of not more than two months"

The joint venture between the three countries will include the management of the cultural heritage of local communities and encouraging their participation with projects inside the ZIMOZA conservation area. Hunting and Fishing management plans will also be put in place. The conservation area will be where the borders of all three countries meet with much of the Cahora Bassa Lake in Mozambique included

In August 2006, Mozambique signed their first cross-border conservation area agreement with Zimbabwe and South Africa, the Greater Limpopo Trans-frontier Park currently the largest cross-border conservation area of its kind in the world.