Moratorium for Trophy Hunting Cheetah permits in Namibia

With effect from April 24, 2009 the Ministry of Environment and Tourism (MET) issued a moratorium on the issue of Trophy Hunting Permits for Cheetah, no more Trophy permits will be issued for this trophy hunting season ending the end of November 2009.

Reasons for the moratorium is an export back-log that the MET have been experiencing in recent years. The official CITES export quota for legally Trophy Hunted Cheetah from Namibia is 150 animals per hunting season. Quota spill-over in recent years forced the MET to take action in order to match exports with that of CITES.

We understand that the Ministry have to take some measures in this regard and hope that private land owners who otherwise would get an income from selling a problem cat, killing his small stock, as a trophy to an outfitter now don't indiscriminately just shoot Cheetah as they theoretically do not have a value.

In our hunt areas we encourage a natural habitat where predators co-exist with all other game. We do not practice any predator control with the use of poison, box / jaw traps or indiscriminate shooting, ensuring a healthy eco-system between all fauna and flora that occurs in our hunt areas.


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