Air Namibia Cancel Gatwick / Windhoek flights

Air Namibia cancelled their Gatwick route, until further notice. Air Namibia’s last flight to Gatwick Airport will be on June 03, 2009

Air Namibia’s acting Chief Executive Officer, Theo Namases, says the current global economic crisis and its effect on aviation worldwide, and has strained Air Namibia “to re-assess its route network and offering to ensure equilibrium between supply and demand”.

Namases said the London route, while popular with 92 percent of the market share, is not generating sufficient earnings to achieve the required break-even load factor. Air Namibia has just reduced the frequency in the London route from three to two per week, in an effort to minimise losses.

“The current economic slowdown has constrained demand for air travel service on this route even further,” says Namases.

Air Namibia’s current two most profitable routes are Luanda, Angola with a load factor of 85% and Frankfurt, Germany with above 80% load factor. The Airline therefore increased services on both these routes.

“The national airline needs to minimise its losses and optimise the opportunities and therefore the following changes,” said Namases.

In order to minimize the disruption caused by the suspension Air Namibia has taken the decision to increase their services from five to six flights per week between Windhoek and Frankfurt.

This additional flight will be on the Thursday (WDH-FRA) and Friday (FRA-WDH) rotation effective Thursday, 02nd July 2009.

Therefore all passengers currently booked on the affected LON flights from the 2nd July 2009 will automatically be re-protected on the same day.

In order to fulfill the re-accommodation we kindly ask all responsible offices to follow either of these procedures:

Option 1:

Air Namibia or your Travel Agent will rebook all passengers, regardless of travel date, onto other Air Namibia flights via or from Frankfurt, Germany.

Passengers holding any connections with other Airline carriers and who are holding separate tickets please note; Air Namibia is not liable for any re-route or compensation of the other carrier’s coupon. Please make separate arrangements on these occasions.

Passengers holding any connections with other Airlines who have been issued with a through-fare ticket on Air Namibia will be rerouted via Frankfurt and rebooked on the same Airline of destination travel

Option 2:

Apply for a full refund of your ticket

Please contact your nearest Air Namibia sales office or Travel Agent for rebooking:


Tel: 0870 774 0965 Air Namibia Reservations

Tel. +44-207-367-0945 for trade enquiries



Tel: 00 264 61 299 6111