South African Airways (SAA) has implemented a new Airports Act that requires all Domestic and International luggage to be screen. The Airline is finding that ammunition in checked luggage is not packed correctly and this is causing confusion and resulting in frustrated passengers and even delays in flights.

Kindly make sure you adhere to these new regulations when traveling with firearms and ammunition through any South African and Namibian airport with immediate effect:

All firearms must be packed in an approved and sturdy firearm case for transportation, no firearms can be packed inside checked luggage
All ammunition inside your checked luggage must be packed in a lockable container with key; ammunition can no longer be transported inside the manufacturer’s box or just thrown in loose into checked luggage.
Your ammunition and ammo box cannot exceed the maximum weight of 5kg per hunter.
Declare your ammunition at all times at check-in.

If on arrival at any South African or Namibian airport your bags are screen and they find ammunition not packed as stated above, the airport authorities will remove such ammo and place in a plastic bag and send separate from your checked luggage to the next destination. The onus will then rest on you the hunter to locate and forward the plastic bag with ammo to your home base.
For more information regarding firearm imports, please visit the Namibian Professional Hunters Association’s (NAPHA) website.

Download a copy of the temporary import permit for Namibia:
Hunters in transit in South Africa:

Always check beforehand with the Airline you’ll be traveling to Africa for your hunt and safari regarding their luggage and firearm transfer procedures.

If the Airline can transfer your check luggage and firearm case straight through to the final destination and you have to transit in South Africa for a few hours then you will not need to clear South African customs and complete the temporary gun import permit.

If on the other hand your Airline does not have a luggage agreement with your connecting Airline then you will have to collect and clear your checked luggage, firearm case and ammunition at OR Tambo airport, Johannesburg or Cape Town airport in South Africa. In this case you will have to complete the relevant gun import permit SAP 520.

Note that the above also applies if you are staying overnight in South Africa before flying on to the country of destination.

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