Travel to Zimbabwe - Cholera outbreak

Received from the "Hunting Report"

The US State Department has issued an official Travel Warning for all US citizens advising them to reconsider travel to Zimbabwe. The warning cites deteriorating safety and security conditions resulting from the increased political instability and economic crisis. You can read the warning for yourself by clicking on the link below.

Although it is the end of the safari season, I checked in with Sally Bown of Safari Operators Association of Zimbabwe (SOAZ) for a current on-the-ground assessment. Bown says that while there have been small-scale civil demonstrations and there is a general deterioration of government services, the safari industry is operating business as usual. Even the cholera outbreak has not had any affect on hunting, she says. According to Bown, visitors who stay away from public gatherings, politically-charged activities and high-density urban areas should have no problems.

She advises all hunters to be met at the airport by their operator and go directly to their hunting area. When this is not possible, she says she can arrange to meet arriving hunters and transport them to a lodge outside of Harare and return them to the airport in the morning for transfer to their hunting area. What Bown did warn American hunters about is the need to be certain that their safari operators are not associated with anyone on the US Specially Designated Nationals List. You can download a copy of the list by clicking below. For legal reasons, The Hunting Report does not recommend that anyone disregard an official US State Department Travel Warning.

The issuance of a warning voids some insurance policies and may have implications for some hunters' employment contracts. Also, State Department Travel Warnings are never issued in a vacuum, or for purely political reasons. A Travel Warning reliably indicates that there is some level of risk involved in traveling to a redlined country. I will have a full report on the situation in Zimbabwe in the January issue of The Hunting Report. - Barbara Crown, Editor.

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