Namibia is finally allocating their Government hunting concessions. The auction for these Big Game Trophy concessions will take place next week on Friday, December 19, 2008. There is 9 Government Concessions up for auction, hunting on these Concessions will start with the 2009 hunt season and span five years in total.

Only Namibian owned companies with a permanently employed, registered Namibian Professional Hunter can bid on these Concessions. For concessions where big game is on auctions a Big Game registered PH must be employed. Companies must be registered with the Namibian Tourism Board and proof must be submitted. Also not more than 2 Concession will be sold to the same company.

The following Concessions are on auction:
1. Bwabwata NP - Mahango Game Park
2. Western Kavango Region and Mangetti National Park
3. Eastern Kavango Region
4. Waterberg Plateau Park
5. Daan Viljoen and von Bach Game Parks
6. Naukluft Part of the Namib-Naukluft Park
7. Black Rhino #1
8. Black Rhino #2
9. Black Rhino #3

Concession holders are required to recruit and train the local community as camp staff. Meat from hunted animals may be utilised in camps and the excess distributed to the local communities i.e. schools and old age homes.